2023 News

Alysanne & Knox produced six beautiful puppies on January 28th. Three boys & three girls. They have, for the most part, been a joy and two will be staying here for the future. Thanks so much to Robyn for allowing Knox to come and stay. He is such a sweet guy!!

2022 News

We are back out doing things. Hurray! In June we went to the Comox shows and Tanzy (with the patience and help of a new friend) finished her championship. So many nice things about this girl but she is a handful and that presented a lot of challenges and a fair number of pink ribbons. So happy to have this done.

In July Alysanne went to the Vic City shows in start on earning the last five points needed to finish. She did well with Jenn and team and finished on July 17th. On the same day I was entered in the GVDOTC Rally trials in another part of the fairgrounds and both Lily-Rose and Camber finished their Rally Novice titles. Go team!!

2017 News

Later in the month, Dawn Hall and I made a day trip to Port Alberni for one day at their show. To my delight Westley was awarded Best of Opposite Sex and that gave him the final two points to become a Grand Champion at eight and a half years old. I think both my Mom and his Dad, Darby, were smiling down that day. I don’t generally bother showing past the championship level as there are so many dog games to play but having stumbled upon the first part of the requirements a few years ago it seemed like it was worth finishing. Thank you Westley. You are the sweetest of boys.  Also in October at the Greater VIc Club Trials Truly completed her Club RN as did ten year old Rianna. Go girls!!

On the first of October it was time for Greater Vic’s annual tracking test at Woodwyn Farms. One of my favourite valleys on the island. I had entered Lily-Rose but quit training when we were second to last in the draw and seemed unlikely to get a track. Things changed rapidly the weekend before and suddenly we had a track. To my delight and with a little encouragement Lily showed what a great nose she has and made her way successfully to the end. My hope was to make it around the first turn but somehow we kept going and I was over the moon to see her suddenly come up with a piece of leather. So proud of you Lily!!

In August I drove up to Campbell River for one day of showing with Westley and added another point to his Grand Champion count. Then we went to the Vic City Show for two days and Camber was Winners Male both days to complete his Canadian Championship. Now I will wait for him to grow up.

July – Found us trekking over to the Canadian National & BC Specialty held at Hazelmere RV Park in Surrey. Amelia had a marvelous time and won her Veteran Sweeps and Veteran class at the National. Camber won the Canadian Bred class with one of his breeders handling him and went to play in junior handling too.  Unfortunately Lily-Rose had swimmers tail so I couldn’t take them in the Generations class as I’d hoped. Baby Fable at just three months old came second in a large group of baby puppies and got to meet her Dad which she enjoyed very much. At the BC Specialty the next day Amelia decided to give me a real thrill when she went right through to the end and won an Award of Merit and Best Veteran at the BC Specialty under judge Honey Glendinning. Honey seemed delighted to hear that she had given Amelia a major win in the US when she was young. When we were selected and moved over to the winning lineup I thought Amelia had won Best Veteran and was beyond delighted to receive one of the four Award of Merits given out as well. When Honey handed me the rosette she wanted me to know that she wasn’t the fourth Award of Merit as all are equal it was just that she was at the very end of the line. :o)

June – My friend and I drove up to the Comox Shows for a day to show our dogs and I was delighted that 8 year old Westley was awarded Select Dog in a big lineup. That gave him three more Grand Champion points and when I checked with the CKC I realized he had 17 of the 20 needed and all the other requirements long since. Good boy Westley. I guess we’ll try a few more days and see what happens.

May – Back to Tyee we went where Camber earned went Best of Winners under breeder/judge Ainslie Mills. We are almost there!

March – I took Camber out to the Vic City shows and he picked up two singles and a Best of Winners for three to add five points bringing him to a total of seven. Alysanne made her debut in the puppy classes and won best puppy in breed in the two shows she was entered in.

2016 News

October 15th – I entered Truly in the Lab Club Trial hoping to get our first leg in the quest to earn her Club CD. She worked beautifully coming out with a score of 196. She would have done even better if her handler spoke up a bit on the heel free command. Oopsie!! :o)) Her score was enough for High In Trial. I was so proud of her!! The next weekend we entered the Club Trials at the barn and finished the title. Truly wasn’t working as well as I’d hoped but it’s done. Now on to Open!!

September 17-18th Tyee Kennel Club Performance Weekend. I entered Truly in her first obedience trials and she passed the first three to bring home her CD. While she missed a lot of sits and lost two points for each one the rest of her work was quite brilliant. So proud of my little girl.

July 15th – The BC Specialty was again being held over at Hazelmere RV Park in South Surrey. We decided to make a day trip of it and, while we dldn’t get there in time to show Camber, Amelia did make it into Veteran’s Sweeps. At age eleven she won her class and the sweepstakes too. She really had a wonderful time being back in the ring. Why did I wait so long to show her in Veterans? Later in the day we went in the regular show where she won her class and was awarded Best Veteran Female in the Specialty. Her smile was a mile wide as was mine!!

May – Lily-Rose, Camber and I ventured out to the Tyee Kennel Club show on May 6, 7 & 8th. The first day Camber got his feet wet in the Junior Puppy class and Lily-Rose went Reserve Winners Bitch. The second day I left Camber at home so that I could concentrate on Lily-Rose as they were both entered in the puppy classes and I couldn’t get both of them into the ring and focused on the job at hand in time. Lily-Rose was awarded Best of Winners by Adrian Landarte from Uruguay who was very complimentary. On the third day Camber came too and, despite his extremely bad behavior, Judge Jorge Nallem (also from Uruguay) awarded him Winners Dog for his first two points. Not to be outdone, Lily-Rose was awarded Winners Bitch, Best of Winners, Best of Breed (over a good number of specials), Group Third and Best Puppy in Group. Just like that she was on eight points. Three weeks later the VIDFA shows came around and I entered Lily-Rose for two days. The first day she was reserve and on the second she was Winners Bitch and again, just like that, a Champion. I was both delighted and surprised. Now it’s time to get busy with smart dog stuff and see what she can do.

At the GVDOTC trials on the same weekend as the show, Rianna went into Rally and earned her RN along with one leg towards her RI. She was brilliant and I made a bunch of silly mistakes. Fortunately, she forgave me for those and just enjoyed her success and her ice cream!

April – a spur of the moment decision found me doing a same day entry for Rianna at NOSA’s CKC trials. At age nine she finally decided to behave and easily got that last leg to complete her CD. Sometimes you just have to wait until the time is right.

2015 News

November – Amelia earned that last and most precious leg to complete her Utility title. It seems that switching to Utility B made all the difference. She is my first Obedience Trial Champion at age ten. She is, as always, a most wonderful and special gift. Everyday with her is a joy.

September – off to Forbidden Plateau’s obedience trials to give Utility another trial. Four really nice performances, three with little booboos and one to pass. That’s number two!!!

May – Time for the GVDOTC obedience trials and a few cracks at Utility. Little things went wrong in three of the trials but Amelia came through in one of them and our first leg is accomplished. Hurray!!

2014 News

June – We went to Hurricane Ridge again this year and Amelia finished her AKC RE. She is always so much fun to play with.
The next weekend found us up in Blackcreek for the Comox Shows. Truly earned another three points on Sunday with her new friend Aislynn & Brie earned her first two points on Tuesday. What a fun weekend with good friends!

May – Amelia finished her Club Rally Excellent title with another high in class.

March – Violet made her agility debut at Scallywaggs where she earned her very first Q in Jumpers and just generally had a great time. Trystan earned his first Masters Q. Hurray!

2013 News

June – Off to the Comox shows. A really fun weekend with Matteo earning his first three points and Truly earning a lovely four point win. Both of them are on the map!

May 2013 – Rianna earned her first leg on her CD at the GVDOTC trials.
Amelia, Trystan & I went to the Hurricane Ridge Rally/Obedience/Agility Trials in Sequim WA and came home with more than we could hope for. Amelia finished her Rally Advanced title with a perfect score and earned two legs on her RE going High in Class all three times. Then we ventured into the agility ring where she earned two jumpers legs and two standard legs to finish her NA & NAJ titles that we had started several years ago. To keep up his end Trystan earned three Qs in Standard and one Jumpers Q. He’ll have to wait for another judge to get the title though. A really, really fun and successful weekend.

March 2013 – Our first island show of the year was a great one. Violet earned two points on Friday and on Saturday was awarded WB, BW, BB & GROUP FIRST to become a new champion. Whoohooo!! Briana came up for her first show and was reserve on Friday, Best Puppy in the All Breed Sweepstakes on Saturday and reserve again on Sunday. Go girls!!! A great time was had by all. Thanks to Ginny, Catherine, Lynn and all the friends who were there to support us.

2012 News

I am so proud of Laurie & Dylan who earned the 2012 Trophy for the top AIOC obedience dog on Vancouver Island with three beautiful scores in Open. A wonderful, wonderful team!
Giselle did a great job getting her CKC CD and earned the top Novice dog award from the GRCBC as well.
Somewhere along the way Amelia finished her Club CDX title so now it’s on to Utility!

October 2012 – Off to Port Alberni for two days as it’s the last island show of the year. Violet won the Open Bitch class both days and earned her first three points on the second day. We are on the map!

August 2012 – Westley finished his Championship at the booster at the Campbell River Shows. I’m so proud of him!

June 2012 – Westley earned another point at Blackcreek.

May 2012 – In May Amelia finished her AGIJS (Agility Intermediate Jumpers)at Tyee, Westley entered the show ring at VIDFA and was Best of Winners two days in the same weekend for a total of 8 points. Thanks to Catherine who took him in when I had to be in the obedience ring and got that second four point win. Not to be outdone, Giselle and I entered the obedience ring and earned her CKC CD in three entries with very nice scores. Oh, and little Truly came second overall in puppy sweepstakes too. On both days Amelia and I ran down to the Pet Fair to participate in a freestyle dance demo. No wonder I was tired!

April 2012 – Busy month!! Amelia has earned two of her Club CDX legs, one to go! Laurie and Dylan finished their Club CDX with a lovely score of 196 1/2 (again! :o))) and yet another high in trial. Giselle earned her first two Novice Obedience legs and Amelia her 8th & 9th RAE legs. The topper has to be Sonja and Auryn who completed their CKC CDX in one weekend.

Meanwhile, Stateside, Ginny & Faith completed their AX in fine style.

Way to go everybody!!!!

March 2012 – Truly went to her first dogshow at exactly six months old and won her puppy sweepstakes class going fourth overall along with a Reserve Winners ribbon. Go baby!

February 2012 – Giselle went out to support the Scalleywaggs event and earned her CGN.

2011 News

November 2011 – Congratulations to Ginny & Faith on adding a CCA to Faith’s many titles. Way to go!!

October 2011 – Faith, Trystan, Lhasa & Journey all had a fun time at the ScallyWaggs Howloween NADAC Trial. Trystan earned his first two titles and speedy Faith added yet more titles. Go goldens!!

August 2011 – Dylan and Laurie earned the third leg on their CDX plus a bonus leg the first day of obedience at Vic City. A wonderful accomplishment for a novice handler with her very special boy. His scores were all top notch and they made a great team out there. My hat is off to you Laurie!

July – Trystan went out to play at the Nanaimo agility trials and completed his Novice Agility title on his first two runs. Good boy Trystan!
Later in the month Kristiina and I enjoyed Ginny’s hospitality at the MudPack agility trials in Port Gamble, WA. Go Goldens!!!

June – Lots of success at the dog shows. Giselle was awarded Best of Opposite Sex in five of the six shows I showed her in. Violet earned another reserve so is starting to get the idea.

May 28 & 29th – Amelia earned four more Advanced and Excellent Rally passes in the same trial as we pursue her RAE title (three to go) including five high in classes and three high Greater Vic dog in trials.
Laurie and Dylan entered the Open A Obedience ring for the first time and did an awesome job coming away with two legs towards his CDX with two scores of 196 1/2. Way to go you two!! :o)))

May 14 & 15th – Amelia and Trystan went to the CKC Agility Trials at the Tyee Kennel Club shows. When the rain finally stopped Amelia had earned her Novice Jumpers with Weaves title, one leg on her Intermediate Jumpers and her Intermediate Standard Title. Trystan earned his first CKC Q. He’s off to a great start as his handler was the reason he didn’t get more. :o)))

April 17th – Amelia earned her CDX her first weekend in Open. What a wonderful, wonderful dog. To train and work with her is just a joy.

March 26 & 27th – another fun weekend with dogs. Amelia went in the Club trials and earned two Advanced legs in Rally. On Sunday Amelia, Trystan & I ventured out to the Scallywaggs Spring Fling to do agility. Amelia Q’d in Standard, Chances & Jumpers to complete her NJC NADAC title. Trystan entered the agility ring for the first time to run jumpers and tunnelers. In jumpers we had a slight bobble (just had to see who was sitting in the chair in the corner) but tunnelers was clean and fast enough to earn him his first ever Q. Whoohoo Trystan!! :o))

March 20th – A very early morning trip to Courtenay proved well worth the effort when Giselle passed her TD test on the very first try!

February 5th – Camden and Becky earned their Versatility NATCH today down in rainy Florida! Go Camden!!!

2010 News

December 4th – Camden earned his NATCH and his Outstanding Tunnelers title. Way to go Becky and Camden!

Nov 20 & 21st – Giselle and Amelia entered the Rally ring up in Courtenay this weekend. Giselle learned what she needed in about three weeks and passed all four trials to earn her RN. Amelia earned three doublepasses towards her RAE with multiple high in classes along the way.

Sept & Oct 2010 – Well we made it! My whole Myriosa family plus Ginny and Faith made the trip to Greeley, Colorado for the 2010 Rocky Mountain Gold GRCA National. Some trips just seem to be one challenge after another but fortunately we brought home a few ribbons to balance it out.
There were many lovely goldens in attendance and I’m pleased to report that Amelia Q’d both agility runs we made it to and earned 2nd place for her second Rally Advanced leg. Rianna earned her CCA, Tasia placed third in sweeps for 10-12 year old girls and Giselle made the cut down to six in the AOH class. Not bad for little Canadian dogs.
Huge thanks to my friend Ginny for all her help and her friendship! I’m delighted to announce that Ginny and Faith completed their Open Agility title, earned their first Rally Advanced leg and came second in their obedience class too! You go girls!
Our travelling companions, Rosemary, Andrew and their three dogs took home some ribbons and some cut pins too. Generally speaking the Canadians did well!

August 2010 – We made a day trip to Campbell River August 1st and Lhasa earned two more show points!
On August 6th Amelia entered the Rally ring at the Vic City shows to earn her last two Rally Excellent legs with great scores. Showing Amelia in Rally is tons of fun.
On August 7th it was Violet’s turn. Entered one day for the BredBy competition she was awarded Reserve Winners Bitch and went on to earn Best BredBy in Group. Her first rosette!
August 8th we topped off a wonderful weekend with a three point Best of Winners for Lhasa. She is a new Champion and her Mother, Tasia, is an Outstanding Dam. Five of her seven Zoom puppies are champions and the other two already have performance titles. I can’t believe my good fortune!

June 2010 – At the Blackcreek shows Lhasa added another two points towards her championship. Go Lhasa!!

May 2010 – At the Tyee Kennel Club shows Lhasa earned a five point Best of Winners to get started on her show career. Amelia was out running agility and earned three jumpers legs and an intermediate Q too!

Two weeks later at the Greater Victoria Dog Obedience Trials Amelia earned her Rally Advanced title with all first places and the first leg needed for Excellent. She also trialled in obedience and earned her CD.

April 17 & 18 – Sonja and Auryn earned their CKC CD at the NOSA trials with three very nice scores and a High in Class of 197. Congratulations!!

April 10 & 11 – At the Timberline shows in Washington Amelia finished her AKC RN with a High in Class and went on to get her first RA leg with another High in Class too!
Not to be outdone – Ginny and Faith earned their last two RN legs as well finishing with a High in Class rosette. Blue ribbons coming home to our houses!

March 14 – Kristiina and Lhasa earned their TD at the Forbidden Plateau Tracking Test.

January 16 & 17 – Amelia earned two US Rally Novice legs down in Puyallup. Ginny and Faith earned one with a lovely blue High In Class rosette. :o)

2009 News

December 2009 – Amelia wins the McCallum Perpetual Trophy from the Greater Victoria Dog Obedience Club for top scoring Novice Dog in 2009.

November 2009 – Auryn and Sonja finished their Club CD at the Nanaimo trials with an extra pass and some lovely scores. I am so delighted that all of Tasia & Zoom’s kids now have titles – obedience, rally, agility and conformation. Seven wonderful puppies who have some really wonderful owners and so much to look forward to. Way to go everyone!

October 31st – Amelia earned her last Novice leg to complete her Club CD. Three straight passes this month finishing up with a High in trial. :o)))

October 17-18th Alberni Kennel Club – I made the 3 hour each way drive up to Port Alberni hoping to win Trystan’s last two points. Happily, he was awarded Best of Winners on Sunday for another four points. New Champion Myriosa All Blyss’n Heaven Too. It looks pretty good to me! That’s four new champions this year and four champion puppies for my wonderful Tasia.

September 11-13th Skaha Dog Show – I headed up to Osoyoos with friends for a fun weekend at the show. On Friday, Giselle was Winners Bitch & Trystan went Reserve. On Saturday Trystan was Winners Male and Giselle was Best of Winners to definitely finish her Championship. On Sunday I moved her up to Specials and she and Andrew went Best of Opposite to her brother, Trystan, who was Winners, Best of Winners, Best of Breed and made it to the final six in the group!
The crowning glory to the weekend had to be that Faith and her Mom, Ginny, stepped into the competitive ring for the first time in Rally. They went home with their Novice title and a High in Class rosette too. Congratulations Ginny!

August 7th & 8th Victoria City Kennel Club show – It’s great to go to a show right here at home. This year it was extra special. Giselle entered the ring for her first serious attempt at earning points and went Winners Bitch on Friday for three points and Winners Bitch, Best of Winners, Best of Breed and made the cut down to six in the Group for another five points on Saturday. All from the 12-18 month class.
To put icing on the cake, Laurie Kelly and Dylan entered the Novice A ring and went home with a new CD with lovely scores and three High in Class rosettes. Way to go Laurie & Dylan!!!

August 2nd – Journey earned her last point with the help of Andrew Coss (thanks Andrew!) at the Campbell River Shows. The judge was Lena Stalhandske from Sweden.

July 16 & 17th – GRCBC & GRCC Specialties – I’m very pleased with the showing made by my seventeen month old puppies Trystan and Giselle at the two Specialties. On Thursday, Giselle came second in GRCBC Sweeps & first in her class at the Specialty (12 entered). Trystan also went first in his class at the Specialty.
On Friday at the GRCC National, Trystan placed fourth in Sweeps and fourth in his class, and Giselle placed third in her class. Not bad at all for two teenagers!

June 27 & 28th – Journey & Trystan and their support team went to Merritt and each of them earned four more points towards their championship. Go team go!!!

June 13,14,19 & 20th – Off to the shows we go! Auryn is placing well in the Open Bitch class and Rianna picked up to Best Opposite & a Best of Breed win at the island shows.

May 29-31st – Dante and I went out to try Rally. He now has his Rally Novice title earned with two first placements. Good boy Dante!!

May 21st – Auryn – Myriosa’s Sunshine In The Rain – entered the show ring for the first time today and was awarded Winners Bitch for her first three points!

May 8th & 9th – At the Tyee Kennel Club Dylan – Myriosa’s Rainbow Connection was awarded Best of Winners the first two days to add seven points to his tally and complete his championship!

2008 News

September 20 & 21st – Becky and Camden went to a NADAC night trial and Camden did great! He qualified in 7 of his 8 runs and completed 4 new titles along the way!!
NAC – Novice Agility Certificate
NCC- Novice Chances Certificate
TG-N – Novice Touch n Go
WV-O – Open Weavers

August 16 & 17th – Amelia, Rianna and I went to the Olympic Kennel Club shows in Enumclaw, Washington. The first day, under judge Michael Faulkner, Rianna won the BredBy Class and Amelia won a huge Open Bitch class, then Winners Bitch and Best Opposite for her first US Major! I handled the girls myself and was absolutely thrilled with the wins. To top it all off Amelia repeated her accomplishment the next day under judge, Honey Glendinning, and added Best of Winners as well. So many people congratulated us and were so helpful and kind. Thank you all so much!!!

While we were in the US Kristiina and Journey were earning Qs at the ScallyWags NADAC trial here at home. Congratulations to this wonderful team on earning Journey’s Open Agility, Open Tunnellers & Novice Jumper titles!!

August 10th – At his first dog shows as an adult Dylan went Winners Male twice to earn four points towards his championship. He was a great boy to show and tremendous fun to run around the ring with. Thanks Laurie for taking such good care of your handsome boy!!!
Down in Florida Camden added a CCA to his name. Well done Becky. Check back for pictures of these handsome boys.

July 26th – Amelia and I entered the conformation ring Stateside at the Hurricane Ridge Kennel Club show. To my delight she won the large Open class and earned her first Reserve. It’s a start!

July 18th – At the Golden Retriever Club of British Columbia Specialty Rianna is awarded one of the two JAMs by Australian judge Bruce McLean.

June 19th – Down in Florida at their Specialty Camden and his older brother, Dreamer, each earned the last leg to complete their Ralley Excellent titles. Woohoo!!!

June 14th – The day Rianna turned eighteen months old was very special. At the Nanaimo Kennel Club Show, with me at the end of the lead, Rianna was awarded Best of Breed and Group 4th by judge Michael Hill.

June 6th to 8th – Rianna was entered in the Comox Valley Shows. She earned two Best Opposites, a Best in Breed and made the cut in the Group.

May 25th – At the GVDOTC obedience trials Amelia and I earned her Rally Novice title and Kristiina and Journey their CD. Amelia and Journey are a pair of very charming and talented sisters! :o))

May 10th – Journey goes into the showring for the first time this year and earns a Group One from the BredBy class with me handling her the whole way!

March 29th – On Flyer’s 10th birthday I made the trek to the Golden Retriever Club of BC Annual Banquet and Awards Ceremony. To my delight (and a few tears) Vienna was awarded the trophy for the 2007 Versatility Dog of the Year.
To top it off Rianna was awarded the trophy for the 2007 Show Puppy of the Year. A very proud moment for me.

March 8&9th – Camden Q’d in six of his eight runs with two first places and three second place finishes. He can now add Novice Jumpers (NJC) to his many accomplishments. Congratulations to Becky and Camden from a very proud Grandma. :o))

February 24th – News from Florida. Becky with Camden and Dreamer finished Rally Advanced titles on both boys. Happy dancing Becky!!!

2007 News

October 25-28th – Lower Mainland Dog Fanciers. I’m told this is the largest dog show in Canada. An amazing event with many international judges. Rianna was awarded another Best Puppy in Group by Mr Horacio Pizzorno from Uruguay.

October 12-14th – Rianna picks up three more Best Opposites and two more Puppy Groups at the Alberni Kennel Club shows.
Meanwhile in Florida – Camden and Dreamer both completed their RN – Rally Novice titles – with some wonderful scores and both earned their first leg on the next level up each earning a perfect score!

September 30th – I entered Amelia in the GVDOTC tracking test here on the island. Although we didn’t have a lot of time to train :o)) she flew through her track to earn her TD.

September 21-23rd – Rianna won the breed and a Group 2 at the Mount Cheam shows along with three more Best Puppy In Groups and her third Best Puppy In Show.

September 16-22nd – We went to the US National Specialty in Snohomish Washington. What an amazing event!!
Journey and Kristiina earned their American TD and a Jumpers leg in agility.
Tasia and Amelia added CCA to their names. What a wonderful program that is!!
As icing on the cake: Rianna was in the final eight in her Puppy Sweepstakes class and hairless Amelia made it down to the final six in a very competitive Bred By Class with 48 entered.

September 6-9th – At the Oceanside Kennel Club shows Rianna finished her championship on the first day with a four point Best of Winners and Best Puppy in Group from Morley Thorton.
On Friday she earned another Best Puppy in Group from Donna Cole and Morley Thorton gave her her second Best Puppy in Show!!!

August 25th – Amelia went to her first CKC agility trial and Q’d all four runs with first place finishes. She can now add AGNS – Agility Novice Select – to her name.

August 4th to 12th – We set off on the island circuit with Rianna, her brother Dylan and Amelia. The first day in Campbell River Rianna was Runner Up to Best in Sweeps and her brother was second in the Junior Puppy Boy Sweeps class.
The next day Rianna was Reserve Winners Bitch and Best Puppy in Breed, Dylan won his class of three and Amelia was Best Opposite.
Day three brought a Reserve Winners Male for Dylan and Reserve Winners Female for Rianna. As icing on the cake Dylan won Best Puppy in Breed and went on to garner Best Puppy in Group.
Then we moved to Glacier View in Courtenay. We were only entered the first day as I thought four days of showing were enough for Junior Puppies. Rianna was Reserve Winners Bitch, Best Puppy, Best Puppy in Group from Oscar Valverde Calvo and went on to win BEST PUPPY IN SHOW from Merlin Vanderkinder!!!!
After a two day break we went to the Victoria City Kennel Club shows with Rianna and Amelia’s sister, Journey. Under Australian judge Glenda Cook Journey won the Open class but then went Reserve to Rianna. To my delight Rianna was awarded Best of Winners, Best Opposite over specials, Best Puppy and Best Puppy in Group. A five point win!

June 16th – Rianna entered in her very first dog show went Best Puppy in Breed twice and Winners Female/Best Opposite to earn her first two points. She also won her class of ten in Puppy Sweepstakes. Yes – I bought her something nice with the money!!!

May 24th to 27th – At the Vancouver Island Dog Fanciers Show Amelia was on a winning streak. When the weekend was done she was a new champion. It was quite a ride. She wants to thank all her friends for the best cheering section a girl could ask for!! :o)

May 11th to 13th – We had a wonderful weekend at the Tyee Kennel Club Show and Agility Trial. In agility Vienna made my dream come true by earning the last leg of her Agility Excellent title. I am in awe of her.
Journey and Kristiina went to their first agility trial ever and impressed everyone by earning their Agility Novice – AGNS with three straight Q’s. I don’t think there will be any stopping this pair!!
To top off the weekend Amelia earned her share of positive comments in the show ring and brought home the first three points towards her championship.

2006 News

December 9th – Off to a field event again Becky and Camden added a GRCA WC to Camden’s name. That’s three titles in three months. Wow!
December 3rd – Becky and Camden complete their Started Hunting Retriever title passing four straight once again. They are on a roll!
November 4th – Kristiina and Journey went to the Great Dane Tracking Test in Vancouver and earned their TD. It was a horrible weekend weatherwise and I understand it stopped raining just long enough for the test to be run. Congratulations!

November 3rd & 4th – New American Junior Hunter for Camden – Myriosa’s Journey To My Dreams JH. Becky took him into two more JH tests this weekend and finished the title going four for four. He also has two legs is SHR with the UKC. According to Becky, Camden just never gives up till he finds those birds. Congratulations to you both on a job well done!!

Sept 9th & 10th – Our Florida boy, Camden, went to his very first competitive event and qualified both days to bring home two JH legs.

July 24th – yes more agility!! Vienna and I went to the CKC GRCC Agility Trials in Vancouver. It was so hot we could hardly stand it but once again Vienna was a star! She completed her Novice and Intermediate Jumpers with Weaves titles and earned another Excellent Standard Q. Tail wagging the whole way round!

July 1&2nd – Vienna went out to the AVID AAC Agililty Trial and finished her MAD title and her Masters Jumpers. It was an absolutely awesome weekend!
May – Flyer went into OPEN B at the Greater Victoria Dog Obedience Club’s 200th Trial weekend and brought home not one but two High In Trials. He is a gem! He also qualified in the Veteran’s class. Dante was entered on Sunday and won the Graduate Novice class. He had a great time!
Vienna and Amelia went to the Tyee Kennel Club show. Vienna to do agility where she picked up her first CKC Excellent Q! Yippee!
Amelia’s last weekend as a puppy was very memorable. Little Mia was Best Puppy in Breed the first day and Reserve Winners Bitch, Best Puppy in Breed and Best Puppy in Group on Mother’s Day. I couldn’t be more delighted! Huge thanks to my friend, Lynn Kendell, for helping to groom and show my puppy princess.

At the TAG AAC trial Vienna picked up her second Masters Snooker Q.

April – At the Golden Retriever Club of BC Annual Awards Banquet Flyer was awarded “Versatility Dog of the Year” and Vienna was awarded her “Lifetime Versatility” for having earned titles in conformation, agility, tracking, field & obedience!! I am so proud of them both.

March – At the Comet’s Agility Trial Vienna added another Masters Standard Q along with her very first Masters Snooker. Whoohooo Vienna!!

At the AIOC Obedience Challenge, March 5th, Flyer did his part to help the Greater Victoria Dog Obedience Three Person Team bring home first place. Peggy York with Bella (labrador) in Novice, Flyer in Open and Gillian Anglin with Themba (standard poodle) in Utility all qualified at the top of their respective classes. This is the first time GVDOTC has won this annual challenge. Great going guys!

At the AVID AAC trials January 28th & 29th Vienna Q’d on three runs. The first completed her Advanced Team Relay, the second was her first Masters Standard Q and the third was her second Masters Jumper Q. We had a blast!